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Acrylic - JonOne
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The painting of JonOne is a painting that requires the entire body, all of his energy, his breath, his movements, his fatigue, his sweat.


Although he first paints standing for many years with the canvas hung to the wall, he also danced around the canvas on the ground, like Pollock, in a sort of dizzyness and a trance, then lying down, and now in all positions.


The painting of JonOne is essentially physical; however, although it calls upon the entire body, it comes from the soul – transcending the Caribbean origins of the artist.


Dominique Baqué, Paris 2014 – Extract of The Chronicles, David Pluskwa Art Contemporain Editions

“Keith’s Boy Toys”, 2019 – “Causeway Bay”, 2019
Galerie Bartoux 2019, Paris