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Drawing & Paper - JonOne
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Drawing & Paper

For his new exhibition at the Galerie Brugier-Rigail, JonOne presents a new series of works on paper. Titled Poetry in Motion, this show proves how important are respiration and freedom in JonOne’s work. The artist has been able to express brilliantly the multiple sides of his work. The commitment to realize work only on paper is without a doubt the sign of a new direction in his work, all in lightness, transparency, emancipating from commonplaces about paper as a support reputed to be hard to work on. The artworks, mixing techniques such as watercolor, ink, pencil and some acrylic highlights, remind us the Gabriel García Márquez quote who convinced us so well the importance of life at the present time. Mastery of pictorial techniques and transparency effects proves that JonOne’s work is the result of a long exercise of transposing emotions and movements.


Extract of the article “Poetry in Motion – Galerie Brugier Rigail” on Artsy : Read more

Exhibition Poetry In Motion @ Galerie Brugier Rigail – Paris, 2019