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Following my path - JonOne
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John 'JONONE' Perello – Following my path

Publiée par Kolly Gallery sur Lundi 23 avril 2018


„Your own mythology, the urban legend that you associated with your name, you wrote it, you painted it.“

– John ‚JonOne‘ Perello, 2014


In John ‚JonOne‘ Perello’s solo exhibition entitled Following My Path the artist shares his personal pursuit within his expressive paintings. Kolly Gallery is honored to present John ‚JonOne‘ Perello’ unique, multifaceted and personal body of work from April 19 to May 12, 2018.

The works presented in the exhibition show the artist’s energetic, cryptic and polychrome canvases. Multiple layers and thick brushstrokes adorn his large-sized and explosive paintings. Profoundly rooted in the graffiti scene of the 1980ies he made excellent use of his obsession with tagging. What might appear as abstract lines, cryptic shapes or intentional drips of paint to the viewer, actually represent his own tag ‚JONONE‘, sometimes also in variations as ‚JONONE ROCK‘. At a closer look, letters and even his tags are recognizable. The regularity of repeating his tag over and over again, is not monotonous, in contrary, it is divers, complex and rich. Eventually the writing develops into an abstract pattern within the beauty of infinity.


Looking back at art history many artist made writing a part of their concept, like Lawrence Weiner or Cy Twombly. But the artist that John ‚JonOne‘ Perello’ is mostly compared to is Jackson Pollock. Maybe at first sight the abstract aesthetics and the energy of the canvases are comparable, but in its details they are very divers. Jackson Pollock did not intend to illustrate writing as his artistic background of abstract expressionism derives from the New York School in the 1940ies.
John ‚JonOne‘ Perello’s artistic essence is repeating his tag, his signature as well as his name and eventually – following his path.


We cordially invite you to the opening on April 19 from 6pm on. The exhibition runs from April 20 to May 12, 2018 at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich.

Dates de l'exposition

Du 20 Avril au 18 Mai 2018