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Jonone Rock - JonOne
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Jonone Rock


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Published for JonOne’s solo show at the Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris, the pieces featured in JonOne Rock stunningly capture New York’s dynamic lifestyle and the magic that he felt when he painted there. The book is a testament to how JonOne never fails to produce a piece that is powerful, harmonious, dynamic, and multidimensional.
JonOne grew up in Washington Heights, New York and is today considered a central artistic figure on the streets of Paris and around the world. He regularly exhibits his extraordinary work in Miami, Shanghai, New York.“
Jonone’s style is an innovation for street art. He is famous for working outside conventions and not following the “rules” of graffiti. What sets JonOne apart from other artists is his focus on the excitement and movement of colour as opposed to the typical associations of character drawing and insignias. Evolving from his early days tagging the streets of New York his style now goes beyond traditional codes of graffiti and finds its roots in American abstract expressionism.”-Magda Danysz