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JonOne – Skira Artbook, 2019

© Skira

John is a painter who fights. His work is a fight. A fight with matter, a fight with time. As though the canvas, like a subway train, was going to move away before the last gesture is finished.”
Jacqueline Rabouan

To see and understand JonOne, his countless lives and twists and turns, some of his most intense works from his latest series have been selected for this book. The reader is immersed in full-page, experimental creations and raw acts of self-expression. JonOne is currently the most influential abstract expressionist painter working today, coming from the world of graffiti where color plays an essential role. The book also includes an interview with the artist about his career.


Preface by agnès b – Fashion designer, founder of the eponymous brand and contemporary art collector
Théophile Pillault – Journalist and author.
Jean-Louis Haguenauer – Founder of the Montresso* foundation
Jacqueline Rabouan – Director of the Rabouan-Moussion art gallery
Katharina Galladé – Director of the Droste Wuppertal gallery