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Public mural Abbé Pierre Foundation, FR

This portrait of Abbé Pierre, an almost saintly figure in France’s fight against poverty, is made up text citing the priest’s famous speech on Radio Luxembourg in 1954:

A woman froze to death tonight at 3:00 AM, on the pavement of Sebastopol Boulevard, clutching the eviction notice which the day before had made her homeless… Each night, more than two thousand endure the cold, without food, without bread, some of them almost naked. To face this horror, emergency lodgings are not enough.
(…) Tonight, in every town in France, in every quarter of Paris, we must hang out placards under a light in the dark, at the door of places where there are blankets, bunks, soup; where one may read, under the title “Fraternal Aid Center”, these simple words: “If you suffer, whoever you are, enter, eat, sleep, recover hope, here you are loved.””

This monumental fresco was created by JonOne at the Square des Deux-Nèthes in Paris’ 18th arrondissement.