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Tumi & Waves for Water Charity Sale

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In Paris, 2020, international travel and lifestyle brand TUMI partnered up with eleven world-renowned street artists to support a noble cause. The artists, led by JonOne, transformed the brand’s iconic 19 Degree Aluminum design into unique works of art. In total, they created 26 collectors’ items to be part of a charity contest to raise money for Waves for Water. This exclusive 19 Degree collection was inspired by the theme of “freedom” – the freedom to express yourself, to keep moving no matter the circumstances, to dream in color and make your dreams a reality; the freedom to travel less physically but mentally from home, to discover new local destinations and help protect local communities. Kind-heartedness knows no borders, no bounds.

To participate in the contest and be in with a chance of winning one of the 19 Degree customized cases, art lovers and loyal customers were invited to purchase a water filter to support the upcoming Waves for Water project in Southeast Asia. After the winners were announced, the collection was exposed in the TUMI Digital Art Gallery on, showing all the masterpieces in detail with more details about the artists’ stories.

Freedom is everything. My work is all about freedom, it is abstract, it is freestyle, you paint what you want to paint. La liberté of expression. We are supporting W4W to give people the essential freedom of having access to clean water (…). Symbolically all comes together, the shape of the 19 Degree suitcase and the water, a Caribbean artist coming from the Dominican Republic where people have water issues.”