JonOne's signature

Éric Bompard, Flagship Store

JonOne signing the store window

© Ayka Lux - Say Who

Located in Paris’s Golden Triangle, at 51 rue François 1er, Eric Bompard’s new address is a cosy showcase for his famous cashmere pieces. To inaugurate the opening, Bompard invited JonOne to sign a capsule collection. Superb beige cashmeres adorned with the artist’s signature, T-shirts smeared with black paint, and soft bonnets were the result of this collaboration.

“We both wanted to work from my silhouette, which is part of my paintings, the décor and my studio, which is full of paint. I never change, I’m always covered in paint. People always ask me if they can have a shirt, jeans or trainers like mine, if I cover them with drops of paint on purpose. The creative director at Bompard heard me and wanted to do a line of cashmere clothes inspired by my paint-stained studio outfits.”