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Art space Montresso Foundation, MA

© Montresso Art Foundation

A major patron of contemporary art in Morocco, the Montresso Foundation invited JonOne to create a highly expressive series of works. The artist found a wealth of inspiration in Morocco, pushing the possibilities of media to their limit. The paint often flees the canvas to scarper onto the floors and climb the walls of his atelier in Jardin Rouge. The relationships forged by the flow of the paint on the canvas highlight a certain automatism in the artist’s use of line, serving to break down the boundaries that separate art and life. The viewer can then simply enjoy the act of contemplation instead of merely focusing on what is immediately visible.
The works were displayed in a rich exhibition entitled
“Un rêve plus long que la nuit” (“A Dream Longer than the Night”), in homage to a film by Niki de Saint-Phalle.

DEC 2017 – JAN 2018
Montresso Art Foundation, Morocco