JonOne's signature

The King of Harlem Bernard Magrez Institute, FR

View of the main building, neoclassical style

© Bernard Magrez Institute

Spurred on by his love of street art and seduced by JonOne’s customization of Eric Cantona’s Rolls Royce, Bernard Magrez initially invited the artist to repaint a Jaguar from his personal collection. From this commission was born a shared desire to host an exhibition in the magnificent Château Labottière.

The event honored the end of winter, the arrival of brighter days and with it, the return of color in all its splendor. JonOne therefore chose to create 35 artworks for “The King of Harlem”, all expressing his signature style, rich in color with its explosion of calligraphy.

This project also established a dialogue with the work of Maï Lucas. This exceptional photographer has been making art for two decades inspired by the culture of New York’s ghettos, the birthplace of JonOne’s artistic career.

The “King of Harlem” project was the artist’s first exhibition in an art center, offering an opportunity to display his work in a neoclassical setting that struck a perfect contrast with his vitality, originality and origins.

Cultural Institute Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, France