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Rabat Library Mohammed VI Museum, MA

In Rabat in 2018, the National Museum Foundation hosted an exhibition by JonOne entitled Illuminating the Future at the prestigious Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. With the support of the Montresso Foundation and upon special invitation from the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, JonOne created a monumental work at the top of the tower crowning the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco.

This artwork, spanning an impressive 300 square meters, is the largest ever painted by the artist and was unveiled on the 13th of November. Inspired by his time spent in the Kingdom, JonOne was captivated by the work of contemporary artists like Mahjoub Ben Bella, resulting in a work that beautifully combines street art and Arabic calligraphy. This meeting of Western artistic practice and ancient calligraphy gives birth to a unique and awe-inspiring work of art.

Rabat public Library, Morocco