JonOne's signature

Air France Boeing 777

© Christophe Leroux

Always keeping its finger on the pulse when it comes to modern life and contemporary art, Air France has chosen to collaborate once again with JonOne, known for his unique style fusing street art with painting. Having already created the piece Air France Forever to celebrate the company’s 80-year anniversary, JonOne was invited to put his own twist on the iconic airline’s signature “accent”. The reworked logo was then proudly displayed on a Boeing 777 from Air France’s long-haul fleet. Meanwhile, on board, passengers were able to enjoy the effortless French style and total comfort of the company’s state-of-the-art cabins.

The aircraft, decked out in its shiny new uniform, was inaugurated with a trip to New York, a city that is not only the artist’s hometown but also one of Air France’s oldest destinations. It hardly comes as a surprise that this “accent”, designed to travel around the world, symbolizes a value cherished by France and by JonOne: freedom.