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Lacoste L!ve Short movie

© Lacoste

Broadcast on October 28, 2015 as part of the Lacoste L!VE campaign, with original sound design by Birdy Nam Nam, the video is based on the principle of “repetition”, embodying the bold values of Lacoste and JonOne. Self-confidence and faith in one’s abilities and projects are the characteristics shared by artists who know how to make a name for themselves and fashion brands that stand the test of time. The identity and savoir-faire of Lacoste are represented by iconic pique cotton and the signature shades of its red and green logo.

The mood reflects the very intense side of JonOne and the force he transmits though his dynamic, almost brutal, creative process. A predominance of black and white, a lot of grain and an aesthetic resembling old analog film are used to emphasize the weight of JonOne and Lacoste’s respective 30 and 80-year histories…

The video explores JonOne’s visceral need to create and the determinedness with which he paints, he who wishes to leave a mark on the artistic landscape, to make sure his name remains forever engraved upon our current era. This obsession seems to haunt his nights; the video is like stepping into the artist’s dreams.