JonOne's signature

Mural Fragment, Montresso Foundation, MA

© Mourad Boulhana

In Morocco, Jardin Rouge becomes JonOne’ studio – a time for him to delve into memories, rediscovering the rawness of urban signs while eschewing mannerism. The words left by JonOne then become a reflection of his own truths. His canvases capture fragments of life and its historical moments. The painter adds and layers strata, following a slow and continuous process of immersion and emergence from the canvas.

The artist defines a unique visual space where the feverish blend of the tamed and untamed coexist. Within this apparent disorder, we find the name and materiality of the letter, as well as the abandonment of all complexity, reducing itself to the essence of his art. Vibrancy and emotion become the true purpose of his painting. You can sense the painter’s fullness in expressing the pure energy of color and the life charge held within each entanglement of the name. In his quest for the absolute, there remains the trace of the painter and his narrative.

Montresso Foundation

5 Oct– 18 Nov 2023
Montresso Art Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco