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The World of Tomorrow Museum Le Touquet, FR

© Musée Le Touquet Paris Plage

JonOne’s works, whether made with spray paint, ink, acrylic or oil paint, all have this in common: they are bundles of energy, either through the combination of colours or through the strength expressed by the artist’s strokes.
With this new exhibition at the Musée du Touquet, which he has chosen to call ‘The World of Tomorrow’, JonOne also invites us to dream of a «bright future» in a world filled with challenges and hope. Each of the artist’s works is thus a gateway to hope and idealism.
Let’s join him in this enthusiastic impulse and let ourselves be carried away by the imagination of this artist who is so generous and caring for others.
For it is also what pleases us to welcome JonOne to the Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage: his human values and his commitment to the destitute, as he demonstrated through his actions with the Fondation Abbé Pierre. An elegance of the heart which we have always shared in our resort.

Daniel Fasquelle
Mayor of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
CEO of Hauts-de-France Tourism

17 June – 5 Nov 2023
Musée Le Touquet Paris Plage, FR